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The accounting module in eAgencie has been specifically developed to deal with all the complexities associated with invoicing clients, paying artists and general agency accounting functions.


  • Process project invoices to clients for booking vouchers processed for jobs undertaken
  • Set GST/VAT, tax withholding and superannuation contributions treatment
  • Set Artist Pay Gate criteria specifying release conditions for payment of fees to artists
  • Interactively calculates agency service fees/booking fees (if applicable)
  • Process other agency fees not pertaining to artists
  • Print invoices and/or email to clients
  • Print outstanding invoices report to assist in debt collection
  • Process receipt of payment from client
  • Rollovers tracking and invoicing system
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Artists / Models

  • Process invoices to artists for disbursements (e.g. printing, courier fees, internet fees etc).
  • Track reoccurring artist s d isbursements e.g. annual agency Internet fees.
  • Process advance payments to artists.
  • Forward invoices to artists for fees and advances owing or offset against future payroll payments.
  • Print outstanding fees report detailing amounts owing by artists.
  • Process Receipt of payments from artists.
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  • Generate Artists Payments Commitments report for work undertaken.
  • Generate artists' payroll report and process artists' payments for projects that have met the Pay Gate criteria.
  • Print and/or email comprehensive artists earnings reports
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  • Process payments to suppliers for agency overheads e.g. rent, telephone, printing & stationery expenses etc.
  • Print Remittance Advises.
  • Produce comprehensive reports (Profit & Loss, Full General Ledger, Receipts and Payments report, Full Audit Trail, Commissions Derived Report etc) .
  • Export all transactions to external accounting system (e.g. MYOB, Quicken etc) .
All you need in an agency accounting system, eAgencie delivers!


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